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Royal Navy

Royal Navy

Defending not just shorelines but life as we know it during World War II

Experience a different perspective when you wear one of our replica Royal Navy uniforms so accurate you’ll feel you’ve been plucked straight from the Second World War. Choose the officer rank you would like to be by clicking on the image for more details on Royal Navy Officer's Uniform hire


When World War II unfolded in 1939, the Royal Navy came to the fore to defend Great Britain and wider Europe from German invasion.

While protecting British trading channels remained the top priority during World War II, the Royal Navy also guarded important sea lanes, defended ally ports and harbours and engaged in treacherous seaborne battles.

Our replica 1940s Royal Navy uniforms centre on the those worn in the Home Fleet - the main British battle force in European Waters during World War II. The Home Fleet’s primary responsibility was to keep the German Kriegsmarine from breaking out of the North Sea.

Significant early losses for the Home Fleet included the sinking of the Royal Oak battleship by a German U-boat, while British morale suffered a hard knock when the last battlecruiser and “Pride of the Navy” - HMS Hood - was taken out by the Nazi Bismarck in May 1941.

The odds soon turned in British favour though when Churchill made clear the Bismarck was now the Royal Navy’s prime target. It was quickly caught by a torpedo and surrounded by British ships as it sank.

The Royal Navy swelled in size during the second world war, its numbers leaping from 134,000 men at the start of the war to over 800,000 by its end.

Our replica 1940s Royal Navy uniforms have been designed and manufactured with care to precisely mirror those worn by each officer rank during World War II. The blazer-style tunics are made from hard-wearing barathea wool and our attention to detail runs all the way through to the authentic King’s Crown buttons.

The Royal Navy is known as the Senior Service of the British armed forces due to its extensive history dating as far back as 897 AD. That’s why the medal ribbon is still worn higher on Royal Navy uniforms than on RAF or British Army equivalents.

Commemorate the bravery of the Royal Navy seamen who exposed themselves to the ultimate dangers of war on D-Day and beyond by standing in their shoes, cotton shirt, black tie, ranked tunic and polycotton trousers and cap. Choose the officer rank you would like to be by clicking on the image for more details on Royal Navy Officer's Uniform hire

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