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The junior service that came of age in World War II

We’ve recreated the very uniforms worn by leading ranks in the RAF during the Second World War, so you can step into the past like never before. Choose the officer rank you would like to be by clicking on the image for more details on RAF Officer Uniform hire.


The RAF is the youngest of the British armed forces and only came into official existence following World War I.

Over the course of the Second World War, the RAF grew rapidly as it incorporated numerous organisations including air forces belonging to ally nations Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Norway and Poland - and those of Commonwealth Dominions Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

By harnessing the power of so many resources across the world, the RAF quickly transformed from a modest organisation into a true force to be reckoned with 963,000 personnel by the end of the war. This air supremacy was essential to prevent German invasion, and allowed Britain to secure victory over the Luftwaffe in the pivotal Battle of Britain in 1940.

While RAF numbers were grown further by conscription into roles based on the ground, aircrew - understandably - needed to be highly skilled. The RAF relied on volunteers to fill these vital positions.

Realising they would be unable to replace lost aircrew at the required rate, the British Empire Air Training Plan was established in December 1939 to train aircrew from across the Commonwealth. In total, some 168,000 men served in the RAF during World War II as a result of the scheme.

In the cockpit and when uniformed on the ground, pilots could be distinguished from supporting aircrew such as navigators and bombardiers by the full set of wings on their cap as opposed to a half set.

Our RAF uniforms are replicas of the No.2 Dress worn by Group Captains, Wing Commanders and Squadron Leaders in the 1940s. No.2 Dress is worn when carrying out formal duties on the ground, falling in between battle dress and No.1 Dress in terms of formality. With each of our accurately-ranked uniforms you’ll wear an RAF tunic with sewn in tie and King’s Crown buttons, trousers, a badged cap, blue shirt and black tie.

The high-quality materials we use to create our replica uniforms are historically-accurate and leave you in zero danger of looking ‘cheap’. We want to bring you as close to the ‘real deal’ as possible, with a comfortable uniform in modern-day sizing which is yet to stand the test of time.
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