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  • Christmas Elves

    Santa’s little helpers, the Christmas Elves are essential and play an important part in running an efficient and jolly Christmas
  • Mr Fezziwig Costume

    Opening today’s window on the Costume Hire Direct advent calendar reveals Mr Fezziwig costume.
  • The ghost of Christmas past

    Our advent calendar image today, we reveal the ghost of Christmas past. This is the first spirit to visit Ebenezer Scrooge on the night of Christmas Eve.
  • Dickensian Character - Ebenezer Scrooge

    The image we reveal today on our advent calendar is an illustration by John Leech of Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is a Dickensian character from the famous book, ‘A Christmas carol’.
  • Carol Singer Costumes - A Christmas Carol

    You either love them or find them truly annoying. Whatever the case, they always bring Christmas joy (except for those scrooges out there!).
  • Luxury Father Christmas Costume Hire

    This film made in 1951 is a funny story involving gangsters and shady dealings gone wrong starring Bob Hop and Marilyn Maxwell.
  • Scrooge Costume Facts

    The all-time iconic grumpy character of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol published in 1843. Our costume of scrooge is showing him in his nightwear.
  • World Book Day 2016

    We think we have spotted a trend for World Book Day 2016, are our youngsters reading authours like Dickens, Hodgson-Burnett or is it the power of Costume Dramas on TV?

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