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Our Approach

In an effort to bring you a costume experience with equal parts authenticity and comfort, we’re currently re-imagining our existing range of genuine period costumes by developing painstakingly accurate replicas.

Why, you may ask?

There are a number of reasons why wearing the genuine article just doesn’t work anymore.

First - apparel preserved from any historical era is in short supply. We never want for you to be turned away from hiring with us simply because someone else is using the outfit you’re after.

Further, the original pieces we do own get a little more aged every single day - and with each hire, parts of these delicate and irreplaceable artefacts are worn away.

Something else you may not have considered, is sizing.

We’ve all heard of the obesity crisis, but beyond the fact most of us are a little wider than we’d have been in a previous century, our entire builds have changed. We are now wider, taller and broader than ever before.This means most genuine period garments simply don’t fit us properly anymore.

So, in the name of greater choice and a more comfortable fit, we’re now in the process of honouring the original garments in our collection by creating exact replicas of each, with a range modern day sizes and fits to choose from.

Our replicas are a far cry from the cheap packet costumes you can buy from almost anywhere. As a general word of warning, steer clear from this end of the market altogether.

We’ve heard too many stories about material sticking to legs, embarrassing tears, awkward sweat patches and enough static to power a small country for these to be anywhere near worth your time. It’s a dreadful place to end up when you just wanted to look the part.

Contrary to both the original garments and the mass-produced low end takes on them, our outfits are made to suit the practical context in which you’d wear them such as parties or day-long themed conventions, where comfort and breathability are essential.

Starting off here, you can browse our entire selection of costumes online at your convenience.

If you’d like to get up close to the materials and see for yourself your different options, create yourself a "try on list" and contact us for an appointment to pay a visit to our sprawling warehouse showroom in Hampshire.

We have found the try on list with an appointment the best method of avoiding disapointment by items not being avalible for people who drop in for a visit hoping to see a perticular item. Visit the Contact page [link] for directions